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A difficult goal

One of my personal goals with battodo is to be able to perform what's essentially batto-rokudangiri -- the six-cut rokudangiri pattern with each cut done solely from the draw. This involves four different kinds of cuts -- one downward to the right (migi kesa), four downward to the left (hidari kesa), one upward to the right (migi gyaku kesa), and one horizontal to the right (suihei).

My confidence has grown enough that I can do three of those kinds of cuts, but I haven't tried the one that's carried out most often in this pattern, the batto hidari kesa. It seems tricky to do from the draw, but hopefully that's all in my head.

If I were to be honest with myself, I'm partly trying this out of ego, to do something that I don't really see others doing. But I'm also attempting this because the style is, well, battodo, and learning how to cut from the draw from every possible angle seems like a worthwhile goal.
Part of me is afraid that the mechanics I learn alon…

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